Cake Frame - Starter Kit

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Cod: 72.360.99.0065
Cake Frame is the revolutionary support system which enables you to easily create an internal structure to be applied to your complex cakes guaranteeing more stability. Cake Frame substitutes traditional metal or plastic supports, is completely made of materials suitable for food contact and is washable in dishwasher. Cake Frame parts are all compatible with each other and can be easily interlinked at 180°, 90° and 45° angles. Thanks to Cake Frame you are able to easily and quickly create any kind of cake, even the more difficult one! Cake Frame: No more limits to your creations, not even gravity!
Cake Frame kit includes:
1 Round Base Board – Ø 25 cm /10?
1 Round Platform - Ø 15 cm/ 6?
1 Round Platform - Ø 10 cm/ 4?
2 Single Angled Joints
2 Elbow Joints
6 Connectors
12 Blaking casp
4 collars
2 lock nuts
4 rods – Long – 10 cm
2 rods – Medium – 5 cm
2 rods – Small – 2.5 cm
1 foundation – Long
1 foundation – Shirt
2 collared adapters
2 plain adapters

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