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FONDANT CANE SUGAR is a suspension of ultra-fine cane sugar crystals in sugar and glucose syrup. Their relevant characteristics are a snow-white appearance and high plasticity. In order to obtain these characteristics, Irca utilises modern, sophisticated equipment. In addition to FONDANT CANE SUGAR, we can offer two new Fondant sugar versions, based on sugar beet:
FONDANT is the classic fondant sugar, while FONDANT SOFT, thanks to its soft structure, does not require any water added, and it can be given an ideal consistency for use  just by heating it slightly at 40-45°C.
Both products are particularly white, keep an optimal shine on finished products and may be colored with water soluble colorings.
FONDANT and FONDANT SOFT are two types of fondant sugar that can be used in products which are stored frozen (-18°C);
in order to get better results, we suggest, in addition, defrosting the product gradually, going from the freezer to the refrigerator (4-5°C), and then to room temperature.


7 and 14 kg pails.

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